Urban Redesign Project

At the Geographical Society conference, we had the pleasure of meeting some highly engaged and forward-thinking Geography teachers. We were delighted to hear that they are not only enjoying using My Environment My Future, but also encouraging others to adopt it. The teachers provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions, which we are taking into account while planning for next year.



One suggestion that we can quickly act on is that MEMF, especially the competition element, can provide added structure to the summer term for Year 9s.



To ensure that we can still award prizes to the winning students before they go off to University and College, we have timed the main competition to be set over Easter. However, the most crucial factor is that students get to consider the Built Environment as a career destination. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the Urban Redesign Project for Year 9s , open to all Year 9 students until the end of July 2023. Judging will take place over the summer, and prizes will be awarded in September.



Why not participate? Click here to join the competition!


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