To inspire young people about the exciting careers available in the Built Environment whilst supporting teachers to deliver the best educational experience for all their students.

My Environment My Future (MEMF) generates awareness of career opportunities through the core geography curriculum and has been designed not to demand any extra time, resources or money from teachers or schools.

Our mission is simple; The Built Environment is the third largest sector in the UK, employing 10% of the workforce, yet young people, teachers and parents are unaware of the wide range of exciting, rewarding and future proof careers available.


My Environment My Future is a free school programme that embeds and incorporates built environment careers information, resources and guidance into core modules of the GCSE and A-Level geography as well as extracurricular activities.

The programme is designed to meet the GCSE and A-level geography specification for all major awarding bodies; AQA, OCR and Edexcel. The programme includes lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and industry curated resources to complement the curriculum.

Our programme

GCSE Programme

Everything teachers need to deliver the Urban Environments module with an introduction to the Built Environment and careers built in.

A-level Programme

Everything teachers need to deliver the following A-level modules Changing Places (AQA), Changing Spaces; Making Places (OCR) and Shaping Places (Edexcel) enriched with built environment careers guidance and information.

School Competition

An opportunity for your students to apply and further develop their knowledge by redesigning their local built environment through a nationwide competition suitable for ages 11 to 18.

Sustainability Club

Coming Soon… Want to get involved? We are currently looking for partners.


Fully funded

Completely free with no hidden costs. Created by the CSTT, a charity which exists to generate awareness and opportunity for all young people, regardless of their background, to learn about careers within the built environment.


Designed to be adaptable to suit individual teaching styles and lesson structures. There is no requirement to use all the content, and although designed for the geography curriculum, it is transferable to other subjects and career focused lessons.

Gatsby benchmarks

Supports schools in meeting the Gatsby Benchmark 4, 5 and 6 standards; an OFSTED requirement.

Creating connections

Facilitates conversations and collaboration between schools and employers to work effectively together to create a lasting relationship to benefit students’ education and futures.


A career in the built environment offers the opportunity to transform the world around you and truly make a difference to the lives of communities.


There is a wealth of career opportunities that often go unnoticed due to a lack of understanding of a sector, hidden in plain sight. By generating more awareness, MEMF not only helps all young people learn about the career options available to them but supports them into a future career. Our ambition is for the sector, where we all live, work and relax, to be shaped and created by individuals who represent all parts of our society.

CSTT - Logo large

Chartered Surveyors Training Trust

My Environment My Future was created by the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT), a charity aimed at encouraging and supporting young people from all backgrounds to consider careers within the built environment. Although historically focused on surveying, the charity has expanded to include careers in the wider built environment.


Before 2017, the CSTT helped many young people particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, access apprenticeships and enter the profession. Many of these individuals have since embarked on long, successful careers in the sector. In partnership with the University College of Estate Management, we support new entrants by offering bursaries for access courses, and providing assessments for ADHD and dyslexia.

Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors

In 1984, the Worshipful Chartered Surveyors Company (WCCS) established a Youth Training Scheme for entry into the surveying profession in response to a request from the Lord Mayor to Livery Companies to help reduce youth unemployment. This scheme evolved into the CSTT.

The WCCS is a champion of the profession and among other activities, such as its support for 3 London secondary schools and Pathways to Property, the WCCS delivers a transformative bursary programme. The bursary programme aims to support talented students from less advantaged, non-traditional backgrounds to enter the real estate industry. The WCCS seeks to foster a diverse and inclusive industry by offering financial support and guidance to students whose personal circumstances may prevent them from attending university.

Team the Meet

We are a small but passionate team! 

Meet the people behind the school programme.

Terry Watts


Terry is an experienced CEO of start-up and mid-sized businesses having run two Sector Skills Councils (Deputy CEO at e-skills and CEO at Proskills). He has put his passion for developing people, businesses and championing change to good use as Principal of the City of Oxford FE College, International Director of Activate Learning and MD of the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building).


Terry is the CEO of the CSTT (Chartered Surveyors Training Trust) and MD of a start-up organisation promoting a methodical approach to modern methods of construction.

Molly Dunn

programme manager

Molly has worked on multiple projects all focused on helping individuals from all backgrounds accessing support to help them progress in their chosen career. As programme manager she is responsible for developing the programme and supporting teachers delivery the content.


Why we believe collaboration is the way forward

MEMF raises awareness, but with so many routes and options open to young people, the only way to ensure the best education and start for all young people is through collaboration. This means collaboration between teachers, career leaders, industry and all those who work towards converting passions and interest into career choices; we are all striving for the same goal!

MEMF can be a crucial tool to enable young people to make the first step to a successful career. Work with us to make their aspirations a reality.


Here are our frequently asked questions, but if you still have a question please get in touch. 

It’s simple! Just register for free by going to the registration page or sign in if you have an account. Then go to the school programme page and select the content you wish to download.

We believe in making the careers education accessible to all young people, regardless of their background. Therefore we ensure the programme remains free to everyone.

We are always on hand to help! Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and ask us anything and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The deadline is the 29th April at 5pm. For more details on the School Competition, download the competition brief on the School Programme page. 

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