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After the recent launch of our new website, we’re excited to share that our new MEMF social profiles are now live.


We’re keen to spread the word about My Environment My Future (MEMF) and tell as many people as possible about our free school programme that fits seamlessly into the GCSE & A-Level Geography curriculum.

Created in collaboration with teachers & industry professionals, our free resources focus on the built environment & provide a gateway for young people to learn about the abundance of opportunities and pathways available in our sector. It has been specifically designed as a 100% free resource so it doesn’t demand extra time or money from teachers or schools.

MEMF has been developed by the team at The CSTT (The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust). The CSTT was established to inform, encourage and facilitate individuals from all backgrounds to enter surveying and built environment careers. They also offer additional assistance to those facing barriers which prevent them from accessing education, training and employment. 

Together it is our goal to level the playing field and help support more young people to consider the built environment sector as a career path.

Visit our school programme to find out more about how these free resources can enhance the geography curriculum.

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