Winners Announced for the MEMF School Competition 2024

Winners Announced for the MEMF School Competition 2024: Designing for Wellbeing in the Built Environment 

We are beyond thrilled to announce the winners of the fourth annual My Environment My Future (MEMF) School Competition. This year, the competition’s theme was “Designing for Wellbeing in the Built Environment”, and it brought together over 1,000 bright young minds from across the UK! 


Our competition, aimed at young people aged 11 to 18, challenged participants to re-imagine and redesign a local building or space. The challenge was to create an engaging proposal, which could take the form of a presentation, poster, or video. This proposal needed to explain their redevelopment plan for their local area in a clear and compelling manner. 


The competition was designed not only to foster creativity but also to encourage thoughtful consideration of sustainability and the potential impacts of designs on the local community. This year, our theme of ‘Wellbeing’ was incorporated to encourage participants to reflect on how the built environment affects their well-being and that of their community. 


We are continually impressed by the innovative ideas and the level of understanding shown by our young participants. The competition serves as an excellent opportunity for students to engage with their local environment and understand the impact that careers within the built environment can have on societal wellbeing. 


This year’s cohort of entries exceeded our expectations with their innovation, creativity, and care for their local community and environment. Their passion for improving their environment was evident in their thoughtful and sustainable designs. This year some have even been inspired to take actions and begin the process of gaining funding to make their plans a reality. 


Our expert panel of judges has reviewed all the entries and has selected a winning proposal from each age category, as well an honourable mention. We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 MEMF School Competition and look forward to continuing to inspire and support young innovators across the UK. 


Aaliya Van Walwyk from Langtree School, Reading (ages 11-14) 


Aaliya’s proposal was for the restoration of Greenemore ponds in a 1.5-acre woodland area located close to her home. Her aim with her proposal was to create an inclusive space for the elderly members of her local community whilst preserving the natural wildlife features and improving biodiversity. The judges were particularly impressed by the original design incorporating a lotus flower, the use of sustainability material and ensuring the designs are sustainable to avoid future erosion of the pond. 


“I really enjoyed participating in the competition. It allowed me to express my creativity and develop my knowledge on the importance of inclusivity and wellbeing in design. The project was especially interesting to me as I was able to focus it on an area local to me, where I spend a lot of time” Aaliya, Year 9. 


Linh Vo from Maricourt Catholic High School, Liverpool (age 15-16) 


Linh decided to transform an unused parking lot into a community-oriented cafe called Old Socius. This inclusive space, open to all ages, would provide an opportunity for recreation and relaxation. It is also open to host events, filling a gap in this area. The judges were impressed with the thoughtful designs and evidence for sustainable development through recycled materials and energy sources.  


“It was really fun and inspiring, and I would encourage others to apply next year “Linh Vo, Year 10.


“What a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in and show their creative design and thinking strategies, thank you MEMF for inspiring our students with such an amazing opportunity”. Mrs Wood, Careers Leader 


Shahd Sayed and Sava Amin from Colton Hill Community School, Wolverhampton (ages 17-18) 


Shahd’s and Sava’s entry proposed developing a sustainable, eco-friendly learning space for their school on an unused piece of land, to promote student wellbeing. The judges were impressed with the level of detail to ensure the space was sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as the link to UN sustainability goals. This entry provided a cost analysis to create the space and evidenced the impact on the students and teachers at the school. 


“We are thankful for the opportunity which taught us how to work and research as a team .It was an opportunity which enhanced not only our knowledge about sustainability but also about new opportunities out there about jobs we didn’t know that they existed .Thanks for choosing our project which enabled us to express our vision for our six form.” Sava and Shahd, Year 12  


We would like to highlight the outstanding achievement of the entry from Brighouse High School who received a special commendation for innovative designs. The year 9 students used Sketch Up software to create imaginative and attractive 3D designs for their outdoor classroom. 


We greatly appreciate the participation of all the schools and students who took the time to enter the competition this year. Their contributions provide invaluable insights into the hopes and visions of the next generation for our future communities. We hope that by taking part, all students and teachers will be inspired to learn and connect with the built environment. 


If you did not get the opportunity to enter this year, fear not for the competition will by running again next year and don’t forget to register your interest here or stay updated with all the news and information via our social media 


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