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Welcome to MEMF.CAREERS, home to the school programme that connects the geography curriculum to careers within the built environment, My Environment My Future.


My Environment My Future (MEMF) is a free schools programme which embeds knowledge, resources and guidance on careers within the built environment directly into the delivery of the GCSE and A-level geography curriculum. The programme, created in collaboration between teachers and industry professionals, meets the specifications for all major UK awarding bodies and includes lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and industry curated resources to complement the delivery of the curriculum. Alongside the curriculum, the programme also supports site visits, career talks with industry professionals and a nationwide competition challenging students to design and present practical actions to improve their local urban environments.


A career in the built environment offers the opportunity to transform the world around you and truly make a difference to the lives of communities and the environment. With a wide range of varied, well paid and rewarding careers, most students miss out on these opportunities due to a lack of awareness and access to the pathways into these careers. The built environment is currently facing a skill shortage, an ageing workforce and predicts it will need hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the next decade.


We now have an opportunity, through MEMF, to shape the future of the sector and consequently our society, by empowering student to learn about and consider this sector as a career option thus generating a pipeline of talent for the future workforce.  Our ambition is for the Built Environment, where we all live, work and relax, to be shaped and created by individuals who represent all parts of our society.


To access the MEMF school programme for free, register on the MEMF website and download the programme. It’s that simple! 


We are always looking for future collaborations and partnerships; whether it is providing resources or guidance to include in the programme, making MEMF a part of your section 106 or social impact or perhaps you would like to shape the future of the programme. For all these enquiries, please contact us via email or our contact us page.


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